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All You Need To Know about Hysterectomy

Hysterectomy is a process which is done to remove the uterus. Going for this procedure can depend on a number of reasons like heavy vaginal bleeding, problem in the uterus, pre-cancerous conditions and many more. This surgery is usually suggested by the doctors after they have carried about complete diagnosis and that the medicines are not working. You can say that it is the last rescue for the doctors as well as the patients.

In the present time the hysterectomy cases have increased especially for the ones suffering from cancer. In most of the cases it is the cancer patients for whom this surgery is performed. There are about 10% of such cases. 

Early diagnosis

Before hysterectomy is suggested to any patient, there are a few tests and examinations to be done to see whether hysterectomy is really needed or not.

Once all these tests and other diagnosis is done, the doctor can decide whether the hysterectomy is required or not. 

Types of hysterectomy

There are different kinds of hysterectomy surgery performed depending on the problem found out during the diagnosis. But some of the common ones are given below. 

Total abdominal hysterectomy

This is the case in which the uterus is removed completely from the body together with the cervix. If any female is going through unbearable pelvic pain then this surgery needs to be done. But after this surgery the female cannot get pregnant. 

Oophorectomy and salpingo oophorectomy

This type of surgery is done in case of the ovarian cancer. In this process both the ovaries are removed so that cancer does not spread to other body parts. This also results in the removal of the fallopian tubes. The best part is that it brings down the risks of having cancer in future as well.

Laparoscopy hysterectomy – Here the surgery is performed using the laparoscopy which is quite a comfortable one. The patient has to go through less pain and recovery is quite fast. In the present time more and more doctors are going for this form of surgery which is easy and risk free as well.

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