Bariatric Surgery: Overcoming Myths, Believing Facts

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Myths and stereotypes are as much a part of society as the truth. They originate from fear, cultural opinions and traditions. What is important here, is to fight against these imaginary myths by disseminating knowledge, awareness and truth. The bariatric surgeons in Delhi should take an initiative to create awareness among common people so that they can avail the benefits of the treatment. 

Well, talking about bariatric surgery, many people who are obese or overweight do not prefer to undergo the same just because of the prevailing myths in society.

This blog will be a great help to those who are unable to lose weight despite performing exercises, maintaining the diet and making healthy lifestyle modifications. We will be discussing some common myths along with the truth which will be substantiated with relevant facts. 

Unfolding 5 myths of bariatric surgery:

  • Bariatric surgery isn’t safe, give a second thought before you proceed
  • Well, every treatment or surgery involves some risks and complications that can be dealt with practicing precautionary measures advised by the doctor. Due to the use of advanced techniques and the latest approaches, weight loss surgery in Delhi ensures reduced risks and faster recovery.
  • You will gain weight again, bariatric surgery, not a wise decision
  • A very famous myth which stops a great number of people from undergoing bariatric surgery. But it is not completely true.  According to various studies, approximately 50% of patients regain a small amount of weight over a period of two years, but recurrent weight gain generally is only about 5% of their excess body weight. With this little weight gain, one can lead the life comfortably and without any ailments/diseases. 
  • You cannot conceive after weight-loss surgery, not a good option for married women
  • Best doctors often advised not to conceive for at least two years post-surgery because in the same one undergoes a drastic weight loss and the opposite of what is needed during pregnancy. In fact, men tend to be more fertile and have high testosterone levels when they reduce weight.
  • Bariatric surgery leads to alcoholism
  • According to various studies, there is no link between bariatric surgery and excessive alcohol consumption. In fact, patients are advised not to have alcohol post-surgery as the doctors consider it to be unhealthy for them. 
  • You are left with scars, post-bariatric surgery
  • The new innovations in medical sciences have transformed the lives of many. Procedures like minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgeries have helped to minimize the incisions which in turn ensure reduced blood loss, tissue damage and faster recovery. Similarly, bariatric surgery is done through a laparoscopic procedure which is accompanied by fewer scars and a lot of other benefits.

It is important to understand that bariatric surgery is not a magical procedure. It too needs maintenance by performing exercises and making healthy lifestyle modifications. Weight loss surgery doctors in Delhi have shown concern about the increasing rate of obesity in India. They advised eating selective food which is rich in nutrients, minerals and fibres. At the same time, people should be made aware of the side-effects of obesity so that they become conscious of their health in the future. 

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