Can Anal Fissure Be Prevented?

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With this busy and stressful lifestyle, people tend to experience a lot of changes in their bodies. They can be both negative and positive. An anal fissure is the outcome of one of these changes your body produces. Well explaining it in brief, it is that torn tissue which borders your anal canal.

Many a time, due to several reasons your stool becomes tight and because of which you might experience difficulty in the bowel movement. This causes tearing of the tissue resulting in an injury. Constipation is the prime cause of anal fissure but that can be prevented by following the below-listed tips. A lot of people prefer to undergo fistula treatment in Delhi due to the availability of top hospitals which have a specialised team of doctors aiming at your care, convenience and cure.  

5 amazing tips to prevent anal fissure:

  • Fibre-rich diet would suffice  

An ideal diet consists of a bowl full of fruits and vegetables which along with fibres contain water. This keeps you well-nourished and hydrated which ultimately reduces the chances of having constipation. Best doctors often advise consuming 20 to 35 grams of fibre per day. Wheat and oat bran, whole grains, peas and beans, seeds and nuts are some of the foods rich in fibre. 

  • Drink lots and lots of water

Water is considered as one of the best home remedies to prevent constipation. Staying hydrated adds fluid to your system which makes your stool soft and easier to pass. But one might need to be selective in choosing the appropriate drink because every drink may not be suitable for you, in fact, some of them might increase your weight. Apart from water, coconut water, fruit juices may be a good choice. 

  • A 30 minutes of exercise a day keeps the doctor away 

Lack of physical activities makes you lethargic, obese and prone to different diseases. Being active increases your blood flow and keeps your body system maintained. You always have a proper motion thus, reducing the chances of having constipation.

  • Never suppress your urge to excrete

It is very important that you should do what your body demands. If your body tells you it’s time to have a bowel movement, don’t put it off till later. Waiting too long or too often can weaken the signals that let you know it’s time to go. The longer you hold it in, the dryer and harder it can get, which makes it tougher to pass.

  • Practice healthy bowel habits

Healthy bowel habits include:

  1. Giving adequate time in the washroom so that you get enough time to pass bowel movements comfortably.
  2. Keep your anal area hygienic and dry to prevent it from infections.

The above-mentioned tips cum home remedies prove to be very useful in your difficult times. Top fistula surgeons in India often advice to be very selective in eating and consider that intake in such conditions plays an important role in uprooting the cause.   

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