Mini Gastric Bypass Surgery: Revolutionizing Bariatric Surgery

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Though traditional surgery is highly effective resulting in excellent weight loss but being technically challenging it involves some potential risks. This is the reason why mini-gastric bypass surgery is catching many eyes. It is quicker, technically easier and carries a lower complication rate as compared to the traditional gastric bypass. 

The mini-gastric bypass procedure is restrictive and malabsorptive i.e. the procedure reduces the size of your stomach, thus restricting the amount you can eat. It also reduces the absorption of food by bypassing up to 6 feet of intestines. When the people desire to have a great weight loss, best doctors often advise undergoing mini gastric bypass surgery in Delhi.


3 points that will make you aware of the surgery procedure:

  1. Firstly, the stomach is divided with a laparoscopic stapler. Most of the stomach is no longer attached to the oesophagus and will no longer receive food. The new stomach is smaller in size and has a tube-like structure.
  2. Around 2 to 7 feet of intestines are bypassed and the remainder of the intestines are attached to the new stomach.
  3. Food now flows into your small tube-like stomach and then bypasses between 2 to 7 feet of intestines where it undergoes the normal digestive process in the remaining intestine.


  1. Shorter operating time
  2. Less re-routing of the intestines
  3. One fewer anastomosis (connection of intestines), which in theory means less chance of a complication
  4. Technically easier for the surgeon
  5. Similar weight loss and recovery

What should be done for a faster recovery?

The recovery period is one of the most crucial parts of the surgery. It is advised by the doctor to follow certain practices that facilitate faster recovery. 

Some of them are listed below:

  • Few minutes of walk a day keeps the doctor away 

Walking always helps in faster recovery. Doctors advise regular walking for some time in order to get back to your normal life. However, you must rest post-surgery but after some time you must soon get onto your feet to ease the pain. It might be a little painful at first but eventually, you can power through it to aid in the recovery process.

  • Don’t ignore the post-operative diet

Post-operative diet is important for better result and should not be overlooked. Here cheating on your diet will not be a wise decision. One needs to take care to avoid food that is prohibited and encourage yourself eating the ones’ will are recommended by the doctor.

In a desire to look beautiful slim and trim a lot of people visit mini gastric bypass surgery hospital in Delhi to opt for the surgery but this is to be noted that not everyone is eligible for the same. The doctor may examine you first, and depending upon the weight and current medical condition he will advise you for the same to proceed.

These types of surgeries are getting much traction due to the film stars opting for the same. There are many obesity specialists in Delhi,who consider mini gastric bypass surgery a safe and less invasive option to reduce weight.

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