What are the Pros & Cons of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery?

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In case your doctor recommended undergoing laser hemorrhoid surgery, then you must read this blog carefully. Although there are painless haemorrhoids treatment in India, however, if the doctor recommends surgery as the only available option then you may become quite perplex as regarding which surgery to undergo.  Among all the available procedures for operating, laser hemorrhoid surgery has become quite popular recently due to its obvious advantages, and the fact that it is considered as the painless piles surgery in Delhi. Though, it has certain disadvantages that we shall discuss later in this blog.

To begin discussing laser hemorrhoid surgery, let’s start by considering its core benefits as summed up by doctors conducting laser surgery for piles in south Delhi:

  • After the surgery is performed, the patient is discharged on the same day thus avoiding the unnecessary expenses on hospital stays.
  • This procedure is considered as safest of all as it does not involve consumption of any sort of steam or smoke, therefore, there is no scope of sparking, as a result making it safer too.
  • Since blood vessels are sealed by the laser in this surgery, it minimizes the possibility of bleeding.
  • The laser haemorrhoid surgery can eliminate the risks of any further medical complications, as it does not damage the tissue around haemorrhoid. In addition, it also avoids tissue death.
  • A large swathe tissue can be killed by utilizing wider laser beams and the narrow band can be used for cutting. Hence, multi-options are available in case of emergency.
  • This procedure is not complex and therefore, it’s most preferred by the doctor who is operating, as it eases the entire process.
  • Moreover, laser haemorrhoid surgery aids in faster wound healing.

Moving on to the disadvantages Of Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery:

  • This surgery is on the expensive side as machinery is costly. Due to this reason, the types of machinery needed for performing laser hemorrhoid surgery is not available at all hospitals.
  • Due to the radiation emitted from these machines, the surgeons need to wear special goggles for safety purposes.
  • There may be chances of rare fire because of laser machines.
  • In the case of heavy bleeding, the cost of curing may be very expensive as compared to other treatments.

Well, Laser hemorrhoid surgery is also termed as hemorrhoidectomy. In spite of the major benefits, of laser hemorrhoid surgery, many patients still prefer to solve their hemorrhoid problems using natural treatment products instead of undergoing any surgery.

Though,they are partly right. But in cases where surgery is the only option, the doctors performing laser surgery for piles in south Delhi accepts that laser hemorrhoid surgery is the safest option.

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