What are the Side-Effects of Removing the Uterus in Women?

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Hysterectomy is being performed quite on a regular basis these days when compared to their historical background. In many cases, a hysterectomy is a treatment option against cancer, many other underlying reasons could also necessitate the surgical intervention for removal of the uterus through a hysterectomy. Considering the interference of this surgical procedure, it is obvious that it is not completely safe. In fact, many short terms and long term side-effects could affect the patients who undergo a hysterectomy. The various side-effects associated with the removal of the uterus have been explained below:

1. Bleeding

Profuse bleeding can cause major blood loss. Doctors have to take special care of this complication linked with hysterectomy.

2. Hot flashes

It is reported that hot flashes after hysterectomy are actually caused by menopause which is obvious after removal of the uterus.

3. Infection

The patient is prone to develop infections in the aftermath of the removal of the uterus. Antibiotics could be recommended by the doctors for keeping the patient safe.

4. Infertility

This is obviously known to patients who undergo a hysterectomy. It is advised to mentally prepare yourself to undergo a hysterectomy.

5. Insomnia

Some women may experience insomnia after the removal of the uterus. A hospital which is considered as one of the best gynecological surgery in Delhi, they advise their patients to consult the doctors if the condition of insomnia is interfering with their daily routine and comprising the quality of their lifestyle.

6. Itching

The site of incision and the region nearby may itch, over-the-counter medications and topical creams can be prescribed by the doctor to alleviate the symptoms.

7. Numbness

Sometimes, the incision site can be felt numb by the patients, it is also possible that the numbness radiates down the leg.

8. Organ prolapse

The long-term side-effect of hysterectomy could be organ prolapse. The reports from a widely consulted institution for hysterectomy surgery in Delhi showcase the cases when pelvic organ prolapse surgery has to be performed after hysterectomy.

9. Pain

Particularly at the incision site, pain can be experienced for a few days post hysterectomy. Even in many expertly operated surgeries in delhi, the patients experienced pain. The solution lies in taking painkiller medications as per the advice of the doctors.


One of the best hospital for gynaecology in the national capital of the country states that sight swelling and redness at the site of the incision is common but if the swelling or redness stays beyond a few days or the condition of the incision site worsens, do talk to your doctors.

11. Vaginal discharge

As it was the case with one of my known people, she was operated by an experienced and renowned surgeon of hysterectomy surgery in Delhi. Post surgery she experienced bloody vaginal discharge, she thought it was a complication but the surgeon told her even though bloody vaginal discharge seems like a side-effect but it is normal if the discharge continues for a few days after a hysterectomy.

12. Vaginal dryness

The sexual activity of the patient can be affected, especially with the vaginal dryness experienced after hysterectomy. A friend of mine works in a well-established medical institution known for minimal access gynaecology surgery in South Delhi, she advises such patients to communicate these problems to their doctors, they have remedial solutions for their patients in every potential case.

13. Varying recovery time

The type of hysterectomy performed can determine the time required for proper recovery, the overall health condition of the patient also plays a significant role in this process. For instance, patients who undergo hysteroscopic myomectomy surgery abdominal or simply the abdominal hysterectomy, they recover sooner than patients of vaginal hysterectomy.

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