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FAQ’s and more on weight loss surgery

FAQ’s on Weight Loss Surgery

The number of obesity patients is increasing day by day. The lifestyle we lead is a big reason as why people are moving towards being obsessed. One of the effective ways to cure obesity is through the surgery. The main motive of the obesity surgery is to bring down your weight by making changes to your stomach, small intestine or even both depending on the conditions. Every patient is different and therefore requires unique treatment which works for them. That is why you need to get in touch with a qualified expert to receive the right advice and suggestions.

One of the most important considerations when going for the weight loss surgery is the selection of the specialist. You will have to depend on the best obesity surgeon only who has years of experience and is skilled enough to take up any case. The team at CUSP Surgeons including Dr Vikrant Sharma, Dr Nikhil Gupta and Dr Salem Naik are highly specialised in such surgeries and have trained many under their guidance. Therefore they know how to go about and can recommend the best bariatric surgery which will be suited to your body requirements. Hence connecting with them can definitely prove helpful to you.

How to choose the best type of surgery?

Now there are different kinds of weight loss surgeries that can be done. But a lot depends on your present health condition. Before the experts reach to any decision, a proper diagnosis is carried out along with the inspection done by the best obesity surgeon, dietician, endocrinologist, psychiatrist and an expert. When they fully diagnose you then only they will recommend the surgery which is ideal for you. As a patient you too can discuss the things you want. Apart from your health history, there are other factors like sex, age, BMI etc which determine which surgery will be best. At the end your expert knows best and only they can guide you accordingly.


There are a lot of questions that people have regarding the bariatric surgery, such as:-

Apart from asking these questions, you also need to carry out your own research and do a little homework. Explore as much as you can so that you have every information about the surgery. Be sure of everything and once you are fully satisfied then only go ahead with the surgery. Seek the advice of the doctor and accordingly take the decision that is best for you.

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