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School Going Daughter Pancreas Cancer Patient



Dear Dr. Arvind,

How are you? I am doing well.
Please find below my testimonial for your kind perusal:

I am a 40-year old woman, suffering from 4th degree endometriosis for the last 7 years. Due to acute menstrual complications including huge fibroids, adhesions, acute dysmenorrhea and other gynaecological complaints, I was advised immediate hysterectomy by my gynaecologist.

However, my family and I were quite hesitant to undergo the knife due to my low age, prevalent pre-conceived ideas, thoughts and ideas implanted by society in us. We shopped around and met a number of doctors (gynaecologists as well as surgeons) hoping our fears would be dissuaded. Finally, we met Dr. Arvind and realised in the first 5 minutes of the consultation that we would like to go ahead with the surgery without doubt.

Dr. Arvind was very patient, understanding and logical in discussing the facts of our case with us. He detailed out the treatment plan, the risks associated and the consequences in store. He sat patiently listening to all our doubts and dispelling all our fears and apprehensions about the surgery. My husband and I had gone with all our research, data and detailed investigations when we met him and he meticulously went through all the data and helped us get convinced about the surgery. In all our interactions with him, he has never rushed us through the consultation, rather patiently answered all the questions posted to him.

My surgery was undoubtedly a huge success and with super-fast recovery. Inspite of running low
haemoglobin at the time of surgery, not an iota of blood was transfused into me. Further, all the
adhesions were successfully removed and no post-op complications experienced. The surgical scars did not pain even once to my most pleasant surprise! And I was up and about the very next day. I am told that surgery performed on me is a medical marvel!! And perhaps only a doctor of Dr. Arvind’s calibre and skills could have managed it!!

At one point during post-op hospitalisation, I developed mild fever. Dr. Arvind and his team promptly visited me and kept checking on me daily till I was discharged from the hospital. Dr. Arvind has been promptly accessible on phone to us at the oddest hours and reverts to queries and health updates without delays. To us, this is a huge confidence booster that our doctor is accessible as and when we
need guidance and support.
I am truly grateful to Dr. Arvind for his support, care and guidance all through. I got a new lease of life after this surgery and leading a healthy life now.
May God bless Dr. Arvind and his loved ones with health, happiness and abundance in all aspects of their lives.
Mrs. B,


Sir, I am your bariatrics patient from Karnal. I was operated on 4th June, 2016. I am enclosing here with my medical reports for your reference. My body weight on 4th June 2016 was 115 kgs and now the weight fluctuates b/w 72 to 75 kgs. I am not experiencing any other health problem and i am glad that i underwent this surgery.
Thanking you
With Regards

A Bariatric Patient From Karnal

Thanks Doctor for Honest and fair advise with the minimum expenses for my relativs surgery. Strongly Recommended for Second Opinion.

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