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What is Weight Loss Surgery?

Today obesity has become a quite common problem nowadays. More and more number of people are being affected by it especially the adults. Treating obesity at the right time can definitely prove helpful or else it can definitely have a negative impact on your quality of life. Now there are two ways of curing obesity, one is through medications, heathy diet, changes in lifestyle etc and second is the weight loss surgery. Now you might be wondering as what this weight loss surgery is all about and who needs it.

If you too are having similar questions in your mind, here are all the answers to your questions. 

What is weight loss surgery?

This is the surgery done to decrease the size of your stomach so that it can hold less amount of food and ensure proper digestion of the same. There are different kinds of weight loss surgeries done but the overall motive is to reduce the intake of the food so as to lose weight. Going for the surgery is definitely the last option and usually doctors do not suggest the same until it is necessary. 

Who needs weight loss surgery?

Weight loss surgery is meant for the people whose BMI is more than 40 or weight around 1000 pounds. If in case there are people whose BMI is more than 35 and are obsessed, then too they might be some kind of weight loss surgery to get rid of the problem. But taking this decision is very hard as surgery comes with a number of risks as well. So it becomes all the more important to consider different aspects of the surgery and then only go for it. 

How weight loss surgery is done?

Weight loss surgery is done in three different ways. In the first case the size of the stomach is reduced so that it can store less food. In the second case changes to your digestive system is made which means that it will not absorb all the nutrients that you eat. This is quite helpful as it reduces your weight to quite a large extent. In the third case the combination of both the first and second is also done. This means that the stomach size is reduced along with the changes in the digestion system.

So the selection of the surgery mode entirely depends on your current health condition. The expert will carry out proper diagnosis and see what needs to be done to get the desired result. Even you are free to ask any queries if any about the surgery and take the decision accordingly.

If your specialist has suggested you the weight loss surgery, the best you can do is to consult CUSP Surgeons who specialize in such surgeries and can offer you the complete assistance you are looking for. Dr Saleem Naik and Dr Vikrant Sharma are highly skilled professionals and specialist in this field so their assistance can really make a difference. With their guidance you can look forward to better and far reaching results.

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