Exercise Plan for a Home for Obesity

We all know the benefits of exercising and following an exercise regime can help us not only lose weight, rather it helps us stay fit. However, the challenge is to regularly stick to the exercise plan no matter what. The problem exists when your current weight puts you in the morbidly obese group. At this point, you shouldn’t be lenient with yourself and pushing yourself constantly to maintain the exercise program you initiated. With obesity come the greater risks of many dangerous as well as life-threatening diseases. Though there are other options like weight loss surgeries, and you can consult with the best doctor for gastric bypass surgery in India if you can bear the cost of weight loss surgery. However, we recommend you to begin exercising as early as possible and it’s easy on pockets as well. We know the initial days can be difficult, you may doubt your abilities, you may feel insecure and even you may fear exercising. We understand and hence, we have designed an exercise plan that may be fit for you. Start with the baby steps and you will surely be proud of yourself later on.
According to The National Institutes of Health, morbid obesity is defined as:
• Consisting a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 40 or greater
Or, consisting of a BMI of 35 or greater and any other co-occurring diseases like- diabetes or high blood pressure.
Well, if you fall in any of the above categories, the positive aspect is that the below-mentioned exercise regime is specially curated for you, and it can help you feel boosted throughout your day and even can help you stay fit and enthusiast.

Where to start from?
First things first, you should consult a weight loss doctors in Delhi or anywhere you live to examine whether you are fit to follow an exercise routine or not. Because in certain cases, people with morbidly obese may go through several problems already existing in their body. The doctor can guide you in this process of staying fit. If your doctor finds any problem, then you can opt for the best weight loss surgery in Delhi by consulting obesity specialists in Delhi. Once you receive a green light, prepare for a comfortable pair of footwear, clothes and most importantly a positive mindset that will keep you going. A holistic exercise program covers cardio workouts as well as stamina building or strength development training programs also. Initially, you can start cardio workouts and strength building workout for few minutes, don’t go overboard on your first day itself, as it may cause muscle pain and joint pain if you are not habitual of exercising. Gradually, you may start with few times in a day, as you become stronger you can build endurance for a longer workout session. The low-impact cardio options like brisk walking, water exercise and other such types of exercises will be easy on the joints, which should be kept in mind if you have a considerable amount of weight to lose. Moreover, if you have a problem standing for a long time, begin with performing seating exercises. An all-round exercise routine of cardio should be done at least three times a week initially followed with a healthy diet, and strength-building workout, should be done with eight to twelve repetitions of each set per exercise and eventually increasing it as you feel comfortable.

You will just need two equipment’s – chair and a set of dumbbells
• Wide Leg Squats with Dumbbell: It is a strength-building exercise. Just hold onto the back of a chair for balance then get up and down from the chair with ease. Don’t push yourself to go far, do it slowly.
• Dumbbell Lateral Raises: It targets on shoulder muscles to promote joint stability around the shoulder.
• Dumbbell Triceps Kickbacks: Keep your back straight if you’re seated in a chair, and if you are standing then be upright while doing it. It aids in strengthening the back of the arms.
• Dumbbell Side Bends: This is a great exercise for improving stamina as well as posture as it targets oblique muscles like the side of the abdominals.
• Stationary Lunges with Dumbbells: Use a chair on either side of your body, outward-facing, and then hold the back of the chair with one hand and a dumbbell in the other for balance.
• Dumbbell Hammer Curls: This exercise, which targets the front of the arm, can also be done in a seated position if needed.
• Seated Reverse Flys: This exercise can be done on a stability ball or a chair or in standing motion. Then lean forward as far as you can but without pain. This exercise is great for the upper back.
• Seated Leg Extensions: keep your legs in such a way that helps in straightening your knees. Bend the leg muscles gradually in-control of the exercise.
• Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press: Again, this exercise can be performed while standing or sitting. Before you begin pushing the weight up above the head without flexing the back, it is important to notice that elbow should be placed at 90 degrees.

We hope the above exercises will bring you closer to your goal, start with tiny steps, and even a small exercise counts when it comes to weight loss.

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