How to Manage Swallowing Problems with Achalasia Cardia?

Achalasia treatment

Swallowing food is a normal body function. In some cases where an individual is unable to swallow food, it is often considered as a temporary situation but actually, it could be a symptom of achalasia cardia. I came to know about this when a friend of mine faced this difficulty, we consulted for achalasia cardia treatment in South Delhi.

Achalasia cardia is a rare disorder which impacts the oesophagus. The patients suffering from achalasia cardia experience incapability in the movement of foods from the oesophagus into the stomach, it can lead to symptoms namely,  pain in the chest, heartburn, unexplained weight loss, vomiting the undigested food, and issues with swallowing the food. Depending upon the impact of achalasia cardia, various treatment options are available but in this disease, the post-treatment is to be followed up for a long time to make sure that the oesophagus stays in a healthy condition.

When achalasia cardia starts to deteriorate the health of the patient, doctors take on course to treat this condition. Their choice of treatment depends upon various factors such as the health of the patient, the extent and impact of the disease, and the presence of symptoms. In my friend’s case, she was unable to swallow food which was becoming a serious health risk, she even suffered weight loss. She was referred for achalasia surgery in Greater Kailash, South Delhi. She underwent Heller myotomy, during this surgery, the muscles of the valve present between her oesophagus and stomach were cut through incisions made in her abdomen. After a week’s hospital stay, she was discharged. She was on a postoperative care program for a long period but the outcome was successful.

Not every individual who is suffering from swallowing problems caused by achalasia cardia has to opt for conventional Heller myotomy or even surgical treatments. Many non-surgical treatment options are available, the doctors evaluate the symptoms and condition of the patient before making any such choice.

Nowadays, you can easily find achalasia treatment surgeon in Delhi for laparoscopic Heller myotomy in which the entire operation is performed on the lines of minimal invasive surgery (MIS) which has to offer less scarring, short hospital stay, and quick recovery. Unlike the traditional Heller myotomy, the laparoscopic Heller myotomy is performed by making five small incisions.

Non-surgical treatment for achalasia cardia includes balloon dilation and medication. In the former’s process of balloon dilation, the lower oesophagal sphincter is dilated by inserting a specially designed balloon. The entire process is performed while the patient is under the influence of anaesthesia. Unlike Heller myotomy be it traditional or laparoscopic, balloon dilation has to be repeated for better outcomes. On the other hand, medications such as Botox, nifedipine, and nitroglycerin have to be injected on a few occasions to relax spastic oesophagal muscles.

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