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With any sort of cancer, the early it is detected, the chances of successfully treating it escalates and vice-versa. Similarly, if ovarian cancer is investigated in early-stage only, where it is confined to ovaries it can be treated successfully rather if it is diagnosed at a later stage where cancer is spread in the abdomen and within the pelvis. The female reproductive system consists of two ovaries, it is of the size of an almond and it is responsible for producing eggs and hormones like estrogen and progesterone.

However, it is difficult to detect ovarian cancer at an early stage as it rarely shows any significant symptoms. Moreover, in later stages also there are few nonspecific symptoms. Doctors performing best gynecological surgery in Delhi have summed up in below list the symptoms of ovarian cancer:

•             Swelling of abdominal or abdominal

•             Feeling of complete fullness while eating even a small appetite.

•             Unexpected weight loss

•             The feeling of discomfort in the pelvic area

•             Unusual changes in bowel habits, like constipation

•             Increased frequency of urination.

Ovarian cancer is usually treated with surgery along with chemotherapy sessions. Besides, the causes of ovarian cancer are not known yet in spite of umpteen studies. Though doctors have stated what can cause an increased risk of it, exact causes are not discovered.

Types of ovarian cancer

Ovarian cancer is categorized based on the kind of cell where cancer initiates. Ovarian cancer types include:

•             Epithelial tumors- It starts within the thin layer of a tissue that primarily covers the outside of the ovaries. Team of doctors of the best hospital for gynecology surgeries in Delhi asserts that around 90 percent of such cancers are epithelial tumors.

•             Stromal tumors – It initiates in the tissue of ovaries that consists of hormone-producing cells. It is rarely found. However, approx seven percent of women suffer from it. It is a tumor that can be detected at early stages if compared to other types of ovarian cancer.

•             Germ cell tumors- It is a type of cancer that occurs in young women, though it is the rarest form of cancer and it starts to form in the egg-producing cells.

Risk factors

As said earlier doctors have discovered a few factors that can increase the risk of ovarian cancer. It includes:

•             Older age. Majorly, ovarian cancer is common among women of age 50-60 years.

•             Inherited gene mutations. In a few cases, the cause for ovarian cancer is gene mutations that you inherit from your parents. Sometimes these genes tend to increase the risk of ovarian as well as breast cancer.

•             Family history of ovarian cancer. If someone close in your relationship is suffering from ovarian cancer than you are more likely to have the same.

•             Estrogen hormone replacement therapy- When people consume this for the long term and that too in large doses, you are more likely to be at risk of ovarian cancer.

•             Age when menstruation started and ended. At the time of Beginning of menstruation and at the time of starting menopause at a later age, or both can soar the risk of ovarian cancer.

Well, it is disappointing to conclude that there is no concrete way of preventing ovarian cancer. Perhaps, there may be certain ways to decrease your risk:

•             Consuming birth control pills- Before considering it as an option, first, make sure to ask your doctor if you are fit for consuming it or not. Studies show that people who consume it have a lower risk of ovarian cancer.

•             Discuss your risk factors with your doctor- In case your close relatives or your family history shows that someone has undergone ovarian or breast cancer, bring this up with your doctor as he can guide what will be the best option for you, or is there a need to worry or not. There is minimal access gynecology surgery in South Delhi and other major cities, where you can undergo removing ovaries if doctors say so.

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