What are Liver Cysts? What is the Treatment?

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Liver cysts mean when fluid-filled sacs occur on the surface of the liver. Liver cysts can be left untreated for several years if no major symptoms are found or basically if it doesn’t cause any damage to the functioning of the liver. It is a form of a rare disease. However, in a few cases, cysts become enormous which may cause other symptoms. In such circumstances, doctors performing liver cysts treatment in South Delhi suggest 0sundergoing liver cysts treatment.

Let’s begin understanding it by first determining the causes of its occurrence:-

  • Many doctors conducting liver disease treatment in South Delhi, explains that liver cysts are a form of the congenital disease that is,  it develops before birth when a child is in a womb. Hence, you can consult a doctor for genetics liver diseases treatment in Delhi. It can form at any point of life and its reasons are yet not discovered. Moreover, a study concludes that it is more likely to occur in women than in men.
  • Those who are victims of infection from Echinococcus tapeworm can also develop liver cysts. These parasites are in ribbon-like shape and are mostly present in farm animals such as – dogs and wolves. A person may become infected with Echinococcus through the excrement of these animals.
  • A person who is infected by  Echinococcus is also referred to as echinococcosis. It can also cause cysts in other parts of the body like-  the lungs, kidneys, brain.
  • Polycystic liver disease can also be a factor for causing liver cysts. Although PLD is an uncommon genetic disease.
  • In one of the findings, doctors in charge of liver cancer treatments in Delhi said that other causes of liver cysts can be liver cancer and injury to the liver.

As per the research it is, observed that only 5-10℅ of people suffer from liver cysts that falls above 60 years of age. Symptoms of liver cysts can include:

  • A swallowed or bloated stomach
  • Feelings of abdominal fullness
  • Abdominal pain due to abdominal bloating specifically in the upper right quadrant
  • A sensation of heartburn
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Pain in the shoulder.

The symptoms are usually felt when a cyst begins bleeding. In cases, where cysts become huge, a person is able to feel it in the abdomen.

Liver cysts in most cases don’t show any symptoms, it may be difficult to ascertain if a cyst is possibly cancerous or if it’s harmless.

If a person may feel the symptoms of liver cysts, the consulting doctor may ask for imaging test i.e MRI, ultrasound, or CT scan. A doctor may further order you to have a blood test to examine if a person is infected by an Echinococcus.


Majority of people undergoing liver cysts don’t require treatment until and unless severe symptoms are observed. If these cysts are causing any troubles, then a temporary treatment may be to evacuate the cyst by placing a fine needle via the abdomen. However, the permanent cure for eliminating liver cysts is its surgical removal. The mostly used procedure is laparoscopic surgery for eliminating unlikely cysts.

For a patient suffering from Echinococcus infection, a doctor may prescribe certain antibiotics. A person undergoing polycystic kidney disease requires undergoing liver or kidney transplant for avoiding life-threatening diseases.

Although liver cysts rarely cause symptoms, however, 5% of benign liver cysts can turn into malignant overtime and may cause cystic tumors and thereby it may become cancerous. In cases where cysts become large and cause severe pain, doctors advise to remove it through surgery.

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