What are the Chances of Survival for Children Suffering from Cancer?

The consequences of cancer in the health of the patient is huge but it is one of those diseases which can impact the family members and loved ones owing to the fact that cancer is life-threatening in nature. The impact of cancer on family and loved ones of the patient is majorly emotional or to be precise psychological but we know how mental health works, it can strongly interfere with the physical health as well. In these blurred lines of affectivity, the impact of cancer is most strongly felt when the patient is a child.

As per a quoted report from a renowned pediatric best oncologist in south Delhi, the numbers concerning the mortality rate due to cancer in child patients is a sign of worry. When the life of the child patient is saved, the long-term health effects can be serious. But it is not that it leaves no room for hope. In a better scene, the cases of cancer in children is not common. If cancer is diagnosed at an early stage, the treatment program can be structured in a way to benefit the child and minimize the risk of life-threatening situations at large.

The department of  Oncology in Delhi focuses on making the people aware of the health impact carried out by cancer. Their section dedicated to the pediatric cases is sensitive towards the age aspect of the child patients and gives focus on personalized care for them. In case if your child has been diagnosed with cancer, it becomes important to think with a straight head, if you will not be mentally prepared for this, your child will not be able to step up with the right amount of energy.

The treatment program depends primarily upon the type and stage of cancer, its impact on the health of the patient, and the overall well-being of the patient. Patient’s medical history, family history, and age are considered for reaching the most effective results. Medications are advised to stop the growth of cancerous cells and provide relief. Through surgical interventions, the tumors are removed. Radiation therapy and/ or chemotherapy are effective against killing the cancerous cells whereas immunotherapy helps in strengthening the immune system. In some cases, stem cell transplantation is recommended to replace the cancerous stem cells with healthy stem cells, it could be either allogeneic or autologous.

Over the years, the palliative care program has become an important part of cancer treatment. For instance, in the experienced departments of Oncology Treatment in Delhi, no treatment program for child patients of cancer is offered without palliative care and it has been showcasing a betterment in the survival rate of the child patients. Palliative care is actually designed in a way to suit the aftermath of cancer treatment, it takes proper consideration of the entire treatment to be it medications, surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, immunotherapy, hormone therapy, targeted medicines, stem cell transplantation, or bone marrow transplantation. Palliative care is quite of help in cases where the post-treatments are high which is true for the condition of cancer. After the tumors have been removed and/ or the unhealthy stem cells have been substituted with new ones, the treatment for cancer has to be still incorporated with a detailed effective program for proper recovery with minimized risks of side-effects and complications.

For the treatment of child patients who are suffering from cancer, the best oncology hospitals in Delhi include the parents/ guardians of the child in the planning of the treatment program. The process of treatment, surgical or non-surgical, the lifestyle changes, and preventive measures beneficial for the child’s health are conveyed to their parents/ guardians. For help through the psychological benefits, counseling programs are offered for both the child patients and their parents/ guardians. 

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