What is Da Vinci Surgery for Weight Loss?

Weight Loss surgery at CUSP

Every year new cases of obesity add up to its already alarming numbers. Obesity is a severe condition which can impact the health of the patient by making them vulnerable to adverse diseases and disorders. Obesity is becoming common by every day and the medical circle has been on the forefront to aware people about the related serious consequences. The statistics of obesity cases have also pushed up the treatment courses to deal with it. The demand for weight loss is now being administered by surgery as well such as sleeve gastrectomy surgery and its more advanced version namely, robotic sleeve gastrectomy surgery. Termed as bariatric surgery, surgical interventions for weight loss trigger change in the digestive system which limits the absorption of nutrients and thereby helps in weight loss.

Many technologies are available to assist in the process of bariatric surgery, the most recent out of them is Da Vinci Surgery. Last year, a cousin of mine was diagnosed with diabetes, he was already suffering from obesity. Considering his condition, the surgeon known for best weight loss surgery in Delhi was consulted, he recommended Da Vinci Surgery for him. As ancient as it may sound, Da Vinci Surgery is actually quite the opposite of that. Imagine Da Vinci Surgery like a console video game except that here the survival of the player is in reality and the surgeon has the control.

In the mini gastric bypass surgery hospital in Delhi, in which my cousin was operated, Da Vinci Surgery was performed in a specialized unit. This entire unit had highly scientifically advanced surgical instruments, and the staff at operation was aptly qualified for this treatment. In Da Vinci Surgery, the laparoscopic approach is administered which enhances the advantageous aspects of the treatment. Following the laparoscopic approach, the incisions made for inserting small surgical instruments in the surgery is quite small in size, this helps in less scarring and quick healing of the incision site. The movement of surgical instruments is handled by robotically assisted technology in the more scientifically developed set-ups. In Da Vinci Surgery, the major benefit is the working of instruments inside the body, majorly abdomen. Through this technology, the doctors are able to get a three-dimensional view of the inside of the abdomen with a specialized camera. With the clear view at hand, the doctors act with the console which is translated to the surgical instruments inside the abdomen. 

Every medical service has been worked upon to help people. Of course, the mini gastric bypass surgery in Delhi and the other such institutions for weight loss surgery in the country are providing medical treatment for obese people. But you have to remember, no technology can be the process for attaining perfection. Your reason for opting for Da Vinci Surgery, even any type of surgical treatment for weight loss should not be motivated by the desire to fit some physical ideals. This advice would even be agreed upon by even the best doctor for gastric bypass surgery in India. The use of Da Vinci Surgery or its other alternatives should not be supported by the cause of cosmetic purposes and any such reason per se. Instead, the choice for opting for bariatric surgery should be advised by doctors when your health is at risk. Da Vinci Surgery comes with its own set of risks. It definitely is an advanced version of bariatric surgery over the other forms, for example, laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy but that does not make it free from risks post-surgery. Reports have proved that no such distinction lies between the outcomes of Da Vinci Surgery and gastric bypass surgery except for the former’s impact on a shorter hospital stay than gastric bypass surgery.

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