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Meenakshi Seth

Meenakshi Seth@....

Best bariatric and weight loss surgeons of delhi, excellent follow up and patient care .. great results.

Mukesh Singh

Mukesh Singh@....

Best surgeons best hospitals, all at affordable price. U definitely can rely on them. Three of my relatives got operated by them, they never overcharged. Genuine guys, thanks team cusp.

Vishal Kaushik


Thanks you Surgeons - Cusp ; Dr. Vivek and Team, I have recovered completely.

Roshni Rai


I am very pleased to Dr. Arvind Kumar, he has done successfully my OncoSurgery surgery treatment. Very caring and friendly doctor, he is a world level doctor for Oncology surgery. Fully Recommended!!!

Farah Durani


Very Good doctors with excellent skills. Dr Vivek saw me for cancer, and I am alive by their efforts.

Rakesh Singh


Dr Vikrant is a very good surgeon. My sister was very obese and she was having problems in her marriage as she was not getting a groom and was under depression as everyone way of rejecting her. We met Dr Vikrant and he advised Bariatric Surgery. We were scared that there would be a scar but he assured that there would be none and did Single port Surgery from the belly button. My sister reduced to less than 60 kgs from 108 and her transformation was like that of a butterfly from a caterpillar. She is happily married now. I can never repay the contribution of CUSP Team, especially Dr Vikrant in her life.


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